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Visit of children from the Protestant church and the “Inspiro” Choir

Category : Home of Peace

A group of children from the Protestant church visited our house, together with their parents and guardians. We started the meeting with art classes. Then our guests performed several Christmas songs. We all also had the opportunity to admire the performance of the “Inspiro” choir, which sang folk carols and songs. Although the songs were in Polish, our Arab guests were delighted to listen to such a beautiful and professional performance.

American soldiers

Category : Home of Peace

Our guests arrived in gala uniforms and with presents. The meeting began with singing Christmas carols. The children thanked the soldiers for remembering us and handed handmade Christmas decorations. It was a great joy to unpack presents together, have fun, and have a football match at the end of the meeting.

All Saints’ Day

Category : Home of Peace

First, we prayed for the dead at the cemetery. Afterwards, each child dressed up as their chosen saint. The children were also asked to say a few words about their saint. Preparing costumes and learning the biography of the saints was an interesting and fun challenge for children.

Academic Missionary Society

Category : Home of Peace

16.07 – 20.08. 2019
It’s such a small Jubilee !!! This year, for the tenth time, we hosted youth from the Poznań AKM in our home. A group of young people, although different every year, every year also with the same commitment and joy experience their stay in the Holy Land.  Report from each day and photos: