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Palm Sunday

Category : Home of Peace

Joyful “Hosanna”, olive branches in our hands, the Eucharist and the Pasion read by our children – this is how we started Palm Sunday. In the afternoon we went to a solemn procession from Betfage. We walked the streets of the Mount of Olives, joyfully praising God with our singing and dancing.

Egg hunt

Category : Home of Peace

First, the Arabic comedian provided children with great entertainment. Then the small participants, with purses in their hands, went in search of colored eggs. Everyone had a nice and joyful time. Before returning home, we had refreshments – pizza, as well as cookies and drinks.

Meeting in Ratisbonne

Category : Home of Peace

St. John Bosco said “Satan is afraid of joyful people”, which is why the day spent with the Salesians was, as always, beautiful and full of joy. He passed us in prayer and fun. Thanks be to God for the community of faith and joy of being together.

Christmas meeting at the Salesians

Category : Home of Peace

15.12. 2018
The Christmas meeting began with the Eucharist. Then the children participated in the artistic part. Our children prepared Nativity play, and Filipino children prepared dances and Christmas songs. The Salesian Brothers staged “Christmas Eve Story”.

Walk on the Mount of Olives

Category : Home of Peace

We took our children for a walk on the Mount of Olives to remind us what important places are near our House. We visited the Ascension site, the church of Pater Noster and Dominus flevit, as well as the Orthodox church of St. Mary Magdalene.