About us

Home of Peace was built primarily for Arab children but today we also have children from Ethiopia, Eritrea and the former USSR countries.

They are with us because of various family problems, such as:

Being abandoned by parents


Lack of opportunities for proper upbringing and educating children

Drug addiction


Parental separation

Our children, like all children of the world, just want to be happy, to love and to be loved. Unfortunately, they live in a world full of violence and hatred. And despite their young age, they often have experienced many hardships in their lives.
The life of our children is not easy:

They are Palestinians living in Israel, which is in constant conflict with Palestine.

They are refugees living in a foreign country.

They are Christians living in a country, where the absolute majority constitutes of Jews and Muslims.

Although the children are of different origin, nationality, language, culture and religion, in our Home they learn that we can live together in harmony and peace, no matter the fact how different we are from each other. Our desire is to raise them in the spirit of love towards God and other people . We want to show them a different world, a world without violence and hatred , a world full of love, kindness, peace and hope for a better future.
And every day our children: